Cutting-edge innovators specializing in single-use products including coated non-wovens, dissolvable films, and specialty packettes.

Acupac specializes in designing, formulating, and manufacturing unique products and delivery systems for single-use applications. It is North America’s leading custom manufacturer of single-use specialty products for medical devices, personal care, OTC, cosmetics, and home care categories.

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Innovators specializing in single-use products
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Acupac specializes in the design, formulation, and manufacturing of unique products and delivery systems for single-use applications including dissolvable, edible, and high-dosage films; anhydrous gels; dosed non-woven wipes and towelettes; dry-coated non-wovens and gauzes; and custom-designed packettes and fitments for gels, creams, and liquids.

We bring an innovative approach to product formulation, process development, delivery systems, and package design. A holder of multiple patents (and pending patents) for equipment design and product delivery, we were the first producer of OTC dissolvable films and hold numerous patents for our thin film manufacturing process. Moreover, to meet the unique packaging needs of our clients, we have a history of customizing equipment for unique product delivery.

Our manufacturing quality standards meet the most stringent regulations. Acupac is FDA registered for the production of food, drug, medical devices, and cosmetics. We specialize in the production of single-use products for medical applications from the doctor’s office to trauma and field kits. We formulate, produce, and package a wide variety of products for personal care and OTC applications and provide sampling and on-the-go formats for lotions, skin care, foundations, haircare, and oral care products. And we also package a wide range of household cleaning products for kitchen, bath, and auto.

Acupac’s uncompromising commitment to quality ensures the formulas we develop and the products we manufacture are robust and will exceed our customer’s expectations.

Acupac has been part of the KDC/ONE network since 2015.

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Sharon Bueno

Manager, Packaging Department, Acupac
“I enjoy the numerous challenges, the daily people contact, and month-end success.”
“I enjoy the numerous challenges, the daily people contact, and month-end success.”