Benchmark creates unique breakthrough formulas that power tomorrow’s best-selling beauty products.

Our West Coast Innovation platform, Benchmark, offers cutting-edge formula development services for indie & emerging brands.


From advanced anti-aging skincare formulas that power billions in sales to specialized hair care products that enable hairdressers to reach new levels of artistry, Benchmark has become the preeminent resource for technologically advanced, highly marketable formulas.

As a true hub of innovation, Benchmark works with hundreds of ingredient suppliers to comb the globe for new ingredients, including everything from Arctic moss to ethically-sourced rainforest botanicals, getting a first look at new and novel natural materials. Whether it be edible cleansers or award-winning, all-natural baby products, Benchmark has formulated it all. We’ve nurtured strong partnerships with leading researchers at top universities to find paths to commercialization for their cutting-edge ideas. Benchmark believes in the power of innovation to transform businesses, industries, and the quality of our lives, and we bring this mindset to the formulating bench every day.

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