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With the opening of its Innovation Lab, KDC/ONE has created a world-class collaborative environment specializing in advanced, on-trend, and cutting-edge innovation and product development. Check back often to hear about our upcoming events, introductions of our innovation collections, and news from all the sites in the KDC/ONE network.

Events Recaps

Innovation Lab Grand Opening

July 1, 2018
KDC/ONE announces the grand opening of the KDC/ONE Innovation Lab, located just 30 minutes outside of New York City.
March 1, 2018
KDC/ONE proudly sponsored the 2018 CEW Product Demonstration Night as part of the CEW Beauty Awards.
February 27, 2018
KDC/ONE unveiled their new branding including an updated logo and tagline, Beauty Innovation, Delivered, at Makeup in LA earlier this year.