Well-being has become one of the world's top priorities in recent years, with self-care and a nurturing environment within the home being crucial to that priority. We understand the value of personal care, confidence, and sanctuary, which is why kdc/one creates innovative and meticulously formulated products for its customers that aim to meet your wellness needs. The product range we produce for our customers includes everything from air care and pest control to specialty fabric and surface care, which we hope will help you to be comfortable and healthy in your home.

To gain a better understanding of what it means to maintain a nurturing environment within the home, Valeria Tomasi, Business Intelligence Manager of the kdc/one Home Care division, shared her insights on the concept of home health and what it means to care for your space.

Home health revolves around ensuring safety and fostering the consumer's health inside their home. At kdc/one, we believe home care products can enhance mental and physical health within your home. COVID-19 contributed to raising awareness of potentially harmful bacteria and viruses that could be brought from the outside into one's home. However, this awareness has been on peoples' minds long before the global pandemic. In recent years, people have grown more conscious about their health and have increasingly searched for ways to improve their self-care routine.

Home health is also a mindset; there is an emotional aspect to it as well as a physical one. Knowing that your home is a safe environment due to your efforts to maintain a clean and safe space helps provide an overall feeling of well-being and can even create an emotional attachment to it.

Considering that the emotional aspect is at the forefront when entering one’s home, the benefits of home health may contribute to fostering our mental well-being. For most of us, our home is a priority, and we take pride in how it looks and feels. Home care has the power to change and uplift moods. It is a place that provides a lifetime of memories and feelings for those who live in it, and it deserves to be well-kept. We understand the importance of keeping a house sanitized and safe now more than ever, which is why we participate in creating the right products that will keep you, your loved ones, and your home satisfied.

Home Health & Wellness

" One of the biggest challenges these days regarding home health is that we notice an immediate association in the consumer's mind between health inside the home and products formulated with harsh chemicals such as bleach. "
Valeria Tomasi

To address this concern, the kdc/one development team works continuously on home care products that can be effective while using natural ingredients. Our search for sustainable home care solutions extends beyond the formulation; it also encompasses primary and secondary packaging materials, and technology that aligns with our company values and our clients' expectation of limiting the environmental impact of their products. Waterless solutions, PCR packaging, and other refillable options are only a few examples of how we can limit the environmental impact of our solutions. We push the boundaries to showcase our innovative approach by working on sustainable solutions. We create home care products for our customers that are not only good for the consumers’ well-being but that of our planet's as well.

Consumers' interest towards sustainability have increased in the past decade and they are willing to incorporate it more of them into their daily routines. They want to invest in a brand that fully understands and prioritizes this concept. The pandemic has caused most people to stay home, reevaluate where they are living, and improve their space. We instinctively aim to create a comfortable environment and are often seeing that natural options are proven to be effective. Consequently, many consumers are increasingly educating themselves about how to incorporate natural products in different ways to improve their home health. 

We believe home and well-being are intertwined because everything you do in your home impacts your mood and energy. If someone maintains a healthy and safe place, they are likely to feel happier, and more relaxed, and therefore motivated to tackle their responsibilities. 

kdc/one's goal is to help you take care of your well-being by creating innovative and sustainable home care products for its customers so that you can engage in self-care and create a nurturing environment where you can focus on yourself and your loved ones.


Home Health & Wellness

Adapting the development of home care products to fit the needs of our clients worldwide is something we excel at because of our research process and our ability to create versatile, well-rounded solutions. We nurture strong connections with our Home Care clients and are privileged to constantly have engaging discussions with the leading players in the industry. Thanks to our worldwide presence, we can detail innovative initiatives for our clients and address the specific needs of their markets. This is a fundamental guiding approach for our team’s development efforts, allowing us to prioritize current projects that are most important for our customers and anticipate possible future targets.